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Kata & Kumite

Specialised Karate Kids Programme 

Traditional Japanese Weapons



We are very thankful that Sensei Leonard and Sensei Kodi have taught Justin well, building up his confidence.


An incident happened in school recently, whereby two classmates approached and attacked Justin. Instinctively Justin shouted and defended himself till the two boys fled, without him getting injured.


Thanks again Sensei!

- Agnes (Mummy of Justin, 7yo & Joash, 4yo)


"It is no doubt that little Jaja has made huge progress in terms of fitness and techniques since early 2020. But what I would like to highlight is how much she has transformed as a person.


Jaja has always been more on the introvert side, but in the dojo, she is so comfortable and can completely be herself, giving her 100% to the sessions and totally loving it! After class, she will always have a huge smile on, together with her karate friends.


There's something Sensei PeiRu does, in the way she coaches and she does it so right. Thank you so much! 

- Muby (Mummy of Jasmine, 4 years old)


Thank you very much to Sensei Leonard and Sensei Kodi for guiding Lyon in his Karate journey, applying the correct techniques and giving me the opportunity to teach him the right mindset too.


My main focus for Lyon when joining Rei is that he is able to learn self-defense and more importantly, resilience towards life.


We appreciate the support too, giving your valuable time for the complimentary Zoom classes during Circuit Breaker. Lyon looked forward to the classes so much during CB and couldn't wait for the physical classes to start again.


Much appreciated to all Sensei, it is great to be back in dojo!

- Mrs Tan (Mummy of Lyon, 8 years old)

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